UVC Phone Sterilization Box


Throughout the day our mobiles and bluetooth devices gather viruse and bacteria & have shockingly filthy surfaces. Mobiles are the third hand that never get washed! Our phones are 18x Dirtier Than A Toilet.

Model No: GS-1003


This is a germicidal UVC device that sterilizes your mobile phone and other accessories like blue tooth earphone, watch, jewelry, keys etc. by killing 99 % germs and bacte-ria. Being a parent can be messy, you keep working and transferring germs onto your phone all day long and in the evening, they are all transferred to your infant/child through your phone. Every new parent is terrified of germs, but every new parent wants to snap endless pho-tos of their infant with their same old filthy mobile phone. Throughout the day the device that we keep pressed against our faces, or the Bluetooth devices that we place in our ears have shockingly filthy surfaces. Mobiles are the third hand we never wash! Our phones are 18x Dirtier Than A Toilet.Our mobiles act as a petri dish for breeding germs in our pocket. We pass the germs to our phones that we pick up from everyday items like grocery carts, gas station handles, and public restrooms and then keep them in warm places like pockets and purses that are breeding grounds for bacteria, viruses and other micro-organisms.One zap from this device’s ultraviolet rays sterilizes and kills bacteria and viruses through application for five minutes including Escherichia, tritirachium album, staphy-lococcus aurous and other common bacteria.

Additional information

UVC Phone Sterilization Box

•Good sterilization effect in five minutes (99.9%)•Auto safety function (automatic stop when cover is opened) •2 Ultraviolet germicidal lamps covering surface and bottom•Healthy sterilization widely used in medical treat-ment, foods, health care•Multi-purpose (cell phone, blue tooth, watches, jewelry, keys, face masks etc.)


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