Hand Sanitizer Dispenser


The only option left with the organizations is to use dispensers that dispense liquid sanitizer without even pushing it.

Model No: GS-250


In the current situation, where COVID-19 pandemic is spread-ing rapidly in the masses, the best thing to do is reduce the risk of germ transfer as much as possible. Organizations have started using liquid soap dispensers to eradicate this threat but the problem still remains as these traditional manual dis-pensers need to be pushed by the user and thus is a major cause of germ transfer. The only option is to use dispensers that are automatic and dispense liquid sanitizer without even pushing it.

Additional information

Hand Sanitizer Dispenser

• Low power consumption:
• 4pcs Alkaline battery can work 80,000 times (or 2 years),
• Suitable for all soap types: foam, alco-gel, lotion, disinfectant
• Alternative dose:
• Foam pump: 0.40ml or 0.6ml or 0.8ml
• Gel/Liquid pump: 0.5ml or 1.0ml
• Spray pump: 0.4ml or 0.8ml
• Large capacity: 1000ml divers up to 2,500 times hand washes
• Robust: 100% Virgin material, 3000 times Front Cover drop test
• Cartridge: refillable tank or disposable pouch
• Large window: easy for inspection liquid level
• ADA stand: Depth<4”, suit for compact size place
• Customized Logo & color are welcomed
• Red LED light indicator: Slow flash for Low battery; Quick flash for Block


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